In case you need it spelled out to you, no, this isn't her; this is her namesake.

Azuma Hazuki (boardname azumahazuki) is a fairly new member of Pharyngula. She is not quite 26 years old, lives in Harlem, and does work as a sysadmin for a local real estate firm. She is a lesbian and somewhat outspoken about it, though not what one would call a radical feminist.

Her username is given in Eastern format, surname first, and is a reference to an obscure anime which was the first to have an out lesbian as a main character. According to her, the events of the plot metaphorically parallel things that happened in her own life at the same age (the "real" Hazuki is 15 despite looking far older). It also ended rather badly, prompting our Hazuki to state cynically that the lesson it taught her is "sometimes the one you love will screw you over and there is nothing you can do about it so suck it up."

An analysis of the kanji: "Azuma," also pronounced "Tou" or "Higashi" depending on context. Azuma is its reading as a surname and is very common; Tou means eastern and is the Tou in Toukyou; Higashi means east in general. "Hazuki" is composed of the characters for leaf and moon, and exhibits orthographic shifting (tsuki --> (d)zuki)).

Hazuki is only recently deconverted from Catholicism, and suffered 2/3 of a lifetime of panic disorder, anxiety, and depression thanks to said upbringing. She is not the most mentally healthy woman on the boards, though she has been improving rapidly since deconversion, and tends to be obsessive and anxious. However, she is also a shamless autodidact and has taught herself several degrees' worth of bible study, theology, philosophy, and logic on top of a lifetime of mostly self-taught science education. She is also able to synthesize new information from old and draw conclusions that aren't obvious to most.

Hazuki has a tendency to take on trolls, the most notable example being Piltdown Man in the "Warning to True Believers" thread in early 2011. She is overly serious and tends to miss sarcasm or other humor at times, and gives the impression of being rather high-strung.