Christopher Brookmyre is a Scots writer originally from Barrhead. He is currently president of the Humanist Society of Scotland.

Quack Science was an article he wrote for the New Humanist

His first book, Quite Ugly One Morning, is a scathing deconstruction of the British conservative party's attitude towards the NHS, by way of vomit, violence, mass murder and a very large jobbie (turd) on a mantelpiece. It introduces Jack Parlabane, journalist and 'sneaky wee bastart', who features in many of his subsequent books, including:

Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber DucksEdit

(Dedicated to James Randi and Richard Dawkins)

A dead woman's voice, recorded after her death. Her ghost, summoned by a genuine psychic? How can there be any other explanation? Parlabane enters a world of ESP, spirits and uncanny coincidence, and his scepticism doesn't give him any answers.

Perhaps, for the first time in his life, he's just not being cynical enough.


The military and the catlick church in unholy alliance, summon demons from hell. A few miles away, a group of teengers from a catholic school are on retreat to deal with the murder of a classmate, under the close supervision of teaching staff and a priest whose belief is about to be severely tested. With the final retort to the 'atheists in foxeholes' comment, and a very original demonstration of parsimony, the kids and the demons face off, with a little help from their friends...

Quote: “the reason smart people believe weird things is that they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for non-smart reasons”.

[This seems to be the only one available for kindle, sadly]

Other quotesEdit

On neonazis:"Is the burden of independent thought wearing you down? Do you dread the indecision that awaits every time you open your wardrobe? Are you embarrassed by your reticence when you hear other people discuss current affairs, music, relationships, etcetera? Don't worry, you're not alone. Help is just a pair of clippers away! We've helped thousands of sad losers avoid confronting their loneliness and inadequacy, and we can do the same for you. We'll tell you what to wear. We'll tell you what to think. We'll tell you what music to listen to. and most importantly, we'll bring you together with lots of people exactly the same as yourself — it's just like having friends!" — Christopher Brookmyre (A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away)