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Happiness, in a world not made for gingerbread people.

The Cookbook is an index of Pharyngulites' favourite recipes. Please feel compelled to add recipes of your own. The "Add your recipe" button below will give you a new blank page in the Cookbook.

If you've recently added a recipe and it's not showing up here yet, try clicking here.

Recipe Dish Cook
Accidental Bread and Butter Pickled Jalapenos Condiment Ogvorbis
All-day New Mexico Chilli
Apple and Sultana Bran Muffins Muffins Sminhinnick
Bacon & Bean Soup Soup Ogvorbis
Bacon Pie Pork Gyeong Hwa
Candied Ginger & Descendents Dessert A. Nuran
Cheater's Dahl Makhni Vegetarian Cath the Canberra Cook
Chicken Pho Soup Mouthyb
Chicken with Grapes, Onions and Wine Chicken Ogvorbis
Chile Mole with Black Beans and Pork Pork Ogvorbis
Chocolate Bread Dessert Ogvorbis
Cochinita Pibil Tacos Pork Rev. BigDumbChimp
Curried cauliflower soup Soup 'Tis Himself
Diandao Meihua Dangao Dessert Stanton
Garlic Mayo
General Tso's Tofu Dinner Mouthyb
Granny's Coconut Bread Bread Sminhinnick
Hasenrhabarber Meat Stanton
Heirloom Tomato Basil soup with grilled Lemon Thyme shrimp Soup Rev. BigDumbChimp
Hungarian Goulash Beef Ogvorbis
Lemon Garlic Tarragon Fridge Pickles Pickles Rev. BigDumbChimp
Light* French Bread Bread Ogvorbis
MFHeadcase's "Ummmm... why is this pork purple?" shredded pork Pork MFHeadcase
Orange Chicken Dinner Mouthyb
Possum Pot Pie
Potato Kale Soup Soup Ogvorbis
Pulled Beef Recipes Beef Trinioler
Rubis d'obsidien
Sakura Miso Soup Stanton
Sauerbraten Beef Benjamin Geiger
Spaghetti Puttanesca Pasta KQKF
Spicy-Tangy Collard Greens Side dish Psych-Oh
Split Pea Soup Soup Ogvorbis
SpokesGay's Chicken-fried Steak Beef SpokesGay
Stanton's Artichoke Mousse Condiment Stanton
Stoned Fruit Chutney Sauce Mouthyb
Sweet and Smokey Chipotle Sauce Sauce Ogvorbis
Two Treasure Broccoli Vegetarian Stanton
Ugly Apple Pie Dessert Mouthyb
Uncle Bill's Chicken Chicken Ogvorbis
Variations on a Ramen
Walton's Chickpea Curry Vegetarian Walton
Walton's Lime Cheesecake Dessert Walton

There are some more Pharyngula recipes on Random Thoughts blog, but please get permission from others before adding their recipes here.

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