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David Mabus (real name Dennis Markuze) is a former computer salesman, based in Montreal, Canada. He obsesses over Nostradamus and music by Depeche Mode, which he claims contain prophecies. He spent much of his time posting vast numbers of incoherent death-threat laden rants, aimed at atheists and skeptics. He also claims that he has won the JREF Million Dollar Challenge, and that he has been cheated out of the prize money. He was incarcerated in the Dungeon.

He's the author of the the famous phrase Goats on Fire!, although no one to this day has figured out what that was supposed to mean.

Mabus promised to provide a FINISHED to Pharyngula commentator Rev BigDumbChimp. Nobody knows exactly what a FINISHED is, though it has been established that Mabus has failed to deliver it.

Caught on cameraEdit

In October 2010, he attempted to gatecrash the Atheist Alliance International conference, being held in Montreal. He quickly ran away, but not before being photographed.

Police caseEdit

It was announced on August 17, 2011 that Montreal police made an arrest after more than 3000 people, via an online petition, emailed in their complaints.[1] Markuze spent time in rehab awaiting trial, he may now be out.


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