Dhorvath, shrouded in mystery, his nym owes it's origins to adolescent visits to the Temple of Elemental Evil. Don't even think of trying to pronounce it, for should you get it right bad things, (bad things I say!) will happen.

Ascribing to the St. Exupery/Giesel school of rulership, Dhorvath has discovered that through careful manipulation of things to do what they are already doing he is in fact the ruler of all that he can see, and he sees quite enough so not troubled is he. This has, of course, inflated his ego to such a degree that only cosmological comparisons do it justice.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the sole group of people that could bring even a shred of decency and humility to bear on this character deemed fit to send an Order of the Molly his way in April of 2011. Woe be unto them, for this cannot be undone and may have set events in motion that signal the implosion of the internet.

When not frivolously stoking his persona, Dhorvath masquerades as a concerned environmental transportation maintenance technologist and devotes time to a small family of three. Being as how the ruling of the universe is so rewarding he tries to share the decision making at home and limits his powers to ensuring he gets the dishes done, laundry washed and folded, and dinner on the table each evening.

Should any think to seek him out, his secret lair is on a large tree bedecked island in the far west of Canada where the winters are warm, the summers cool, and the sun known if not familiar.