Read the real books if you want to know more, and ignore the uninformed babble the charlatans of the DI will try to sell you.

PZ Myers More lies from the Discovery Institute [1]

The scientific side weighs tons while the creationist side is a puff of air. They [The Discovery Institute] also omit any mention of facts on their side, because they have none.

PZ Myers The Discovery Institute lies to educators [2]

The Discovery Institute consists of pretentious twits [3] who favor Creationism over Evolution. They are typical Christian fundamentalists and imagine anyone who disagrees with them isn't a proper Scientist. The Discovery Institute also encourages teachers to introduce creationism in science classes which PZ thinks could cause legal trouble. [2]

Imagined evidence from the DI is God of the gaps “Science can’t explain [fill in the blank], therefore God must have done it.” The Discovery Institute would explain anything difficult with God did it instead of doing proper research and finding better explanations. [4]


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