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Douche and its variants (douchebag, douchenozzle, etc) are terms of disapprobation sometimes used by feminists.

In literal terms, douche or doucheing refers to "cleaning" a woman's genital area by flushing it with a liquid. Commercial douche products are sold to women with claims that they will make their genitals clean and fresh-smelling.

Some people assume that the term "douche" is rude/offensive because of its association with female genitals. However, when used by feminists, the negative associations aren't with women's vulvas or vaginas, but as follows:

  • Douches are unnecessary. Women's genitals are generally self-cleaning, and don't need to be flushed with soap, lysol, or anything else to keep them fresh.
  • Douches are harmful. Flushing the vagina or genital area with a douche can upset the natural balance of bacteria that keep it healthy, and can lead to the exact problems -- such as yeast infections or urinary tract infections -- that they claim to prevent.

For these reasons the term has come to be a popular one among feminists, to refer to people who are making harmful, especially sexist, statements.

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