Ed Brayton is a civil libertarian blogger and former comedian who writes at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, the former main ScienceBlogs political journal and now one of the marquee blogs (along with PZ Myers' blog Pharyngula) on Freethought Blogs. He specializes in civil rights issues, particularly police misconduct, education policy, and transparency in government.

Brayton and Myers were also the two main founders of the FreethoughtBlogs collective. Though Ed and his readers had a brief feud with PZ Myers and his readers some time ago (mainly over framing issues), the hatchet has long since been buried.

Brayton and Myers agree the Freethought movement should not be dominated by aging white men like themselves. Both strongly supports the view that Freethought Blogs should provide a platform for others, notably sex positive feminists. Brayton is willing to accept some controversy to achieve this. [1]

Ed Brayton is currently asking for financial help with a law suit he says is over a white supremacist objecting to being called a white supremacist. [2]


  1. That’s not a “response”, Michael, it’s a “denial”
  2. Please Help Me Fight a Lawsuit

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