Jen McCreight whose name rhymes with right runs a blog in FreethoughtBlogs. Jen McCreight founded a Society of Non-Theists at university. She has a degree in Genetics and Evolution and a minor in Psychology. Jen chose the name Blag Hag because the rhyme looked fun, she never thought it would become important but the Meme worked. [1]

Jen McCreight is a political liberal, supports gay rights and is pro-choice. The Blag Hag website deals with whatever is on Jen McCreight's mind, specifically atheism, biology, feminism, politics, religion, science, sex and combinations of those subjects. [2]

Jen decided to move to new hosting but they f**ked her over. [3]


  1. Why Blag Hag?
  2. About Jen & Blag Hag
  3. Well, Godaddy fucked me over

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