KQKF – from the original nym of Kev Quondam, Kevque Futurum, Pet Kitty of Death – is a relatively recent atheist, having lived nearly 13 years of her life under a Fundamentalist, Conservative Christian household. As of around June / July of 2009, she realized the bullshit inherent in maintaining a deist-like belief in Christianity and embraced full atheism.

Consequently, she also discovered her true bisexual feelings (holy fuck Isaiah Mustafa is hot) and that she doesn't self-identify with her male sex. Her mental image and self-confidence exploded after realizing this truth.

She now identifies fully as female and although maintaining a masculine appearance in public and at work, she goes by the name Katherine Lorraine (Chaton de la Mort.) Whether transitioning is in her future or she merely retains her current cross-dressing nature has yet to be seen.

KQKF is very outspoken against homophobia and transphobia. She also has tried to learn as much as she can about biological and astronomical science. In the last few months she's become more outspoken against MRAssholes, and has become a true pro-choice advocate over a wishy-washy pro-life ideal. She thinks America is full of fucking idiots and wants to move to somewhere in Northern Europe, but she's not got the money or opportunity to do so.

She loves cooking. She's writing a novel. She likes playing video games (gamertag is GMBigKev on XBox Live Arcade.)

Common phrases:
Good morning Pharyngulites! So, <insert day's statement here>"
"Fuck off, you homophobic git."
"Does anyone in Northern Europe have room for a young, clean, bisexual atheist transgender? I can cook!"

Spaghetti Puttanesca

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