One pork loin roast, approx 5 lbs/2 kg

One bottle, drinkable but inexpensive red wine (have done with Sweet, dry and in between)

one handful each, rosemary, thyme, ground garlic, bonus points if fresh. and some salt to taste.

One pot with lid large enough to contain above.

add enough water to 3/4 cover roast if necessary.

Leave in refrigerator for 2 to 24 hours.

Bring to boil on stove top, then lower flame to simmer covered for 3 hours or so, carefully flip roast in pot, simmer for another several hours. (Can you tell i am not into precise measurements yet?) occasionally prodding with good sized spoon, adding a bit of water or more wine as needed.

After about 5 hours, the spoon prodding will lead to hunks falling off the main body of the roast with only a light scraping. shred the meat this way until you get to a more resistant core and continue cooking.

repeat the shredding in the pot every hour or so until it is entirely in smallish chunks, by this time the juices will be nearly clear and the pork varying shades of purple.

Serve in nice crusty buns, or alternately add a sweet and spicy type BBQ sauce* (i think it is perfect w/o the sauce, but some members of my family are phillistines)

  • Sweet Baby Ray's in my family, but i am not sure they have gone national, let alone international.