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Everyone can edit this page. Admins should have it on their follow list.

If you're not getting prompt assistance here, non-Pharyngula admins can help with uncontroversial tasks.

Trolling Edit

Got an infestation? (Try Help:VSTF if no one here is listening.)

  • has been vandalizing our page on Rebecca Watson with misogynist insults -- Lpetrich

Deletion requests Edit

If a page should be deleted, please use the {{prod}} template if you're not in a hurry and you expect it to be an uncontroversial deletion. Matters of privacy can be addressed to our admins (try Special:EmailUser/Markovbaines) or Wikia staff. Otherwise, list the page here:

  • The page titled "Libertarians" appears to have been written by an angry person than someone with facts and figures. I suggest a deletion or a serious revamp.

(Admins, check Category:Proposed deletions too.)

Difficult moves Edit

Sometimes a page needs to be moved, and there's already another page at the target destination.

Page history problems Edit

If you need something removed from a page history entirely, an admin can help. As above, try Special:EmailUser/Markovbaines for privacy issues.

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