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Tries to change topic to "misandry" Women have all the advantages. PUAs respect women more than feminists do. Men suffer more discrimination than women. "Shrill"
The reason for the gender pay gap is men are more experienced or work harder. Use of word "child" where "fetus" is appropriate You want to stop people from having consensual sex! My girlfriend or wife agrees with me, so it's not sexist. Can't be sexism without sexist intentions
Rape culture is a feminist invention. Evolutionary psychology says ... FREE SPACE:
There are better ways to get your point across.
Pretends society is no longer sexist, as if this will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Feminists are just creating a culture of victimhood.
Middle class women don't care about working class men and their problems. She should take responsibility for her actions. You owe me a free platform for my speech. Women have all the power to give or deny sex at will. I know women and I love women, but ...
Freedom of speech means you shouldn't criticize me. This isn't sexist in Europe. "Punching up" is still punching "Ladies' Night" Men fight in wars, therefore no male privilege

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