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Friendly Persuasion

"the point however was made"

Sophisticated theology is a general term for the incredibly wide range of elegant and important advances made in the vital and lively field of theology when no one, apparently, was looking, and which the New Atheists resolutely fail to address, clearly to their detriment. All of these clearly demonstrate that belief in a deity or deities is eminently defensible logically, philosophically, etc. Really, it's a shocking scandal that they haven't addressed these arguments, this evidence. Arguments such as... umm...

Well, we'll get back to you on that. But trust us, there's, like, hundreds of 'em, we're sure. Thing is, we must have left them in our other pants.

...oh, wait. Here's one. Atheists get their panties in a wad because The One True God is invisible, and are terribly fond of saying things like: "The invisible and the nonexistent look very much alike." But from another perspective though, we actually do have proof – evidence – that The One True God is invisible: no one can in fact see Him!!!

Deny that, monkey boy.

How to tell if it's really sophisticated theology

Somewhat more seriously--or roughly as seriously as the topic probably deserves--'sophisticated theology' is a little like said invisible god. You can tell it's sophisticated because you've never actually heard it. Or, to borrow a quote from the comments section:

I use this handy metric: if you've actually heard it or read it, it's not Sophisticated Theology™. Sophisticated Theology™ cannot be explained because in doing so it would become open to refutation. Thus, Sophisticated Theology™, like the rainbow's end or a mirage, is forever beyond your reach. Rest assured though that ST™ is indeed what every believer really believes, no matter how much they may indicate that they—like Anthony Horvath—appear to have a slow preschooler's understanding of the world.

(Brownian, on Sophisticated Theology)

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