Recipe - Walton's Lentil and Chickpea Curry

Serves three.


Chickpeas, one tin
Passata (tomato purée), half a jar
Basmati rice
Olive oil, four or five tablespoons
Garlic, two cloves
Half a courgette
Coriander leaf


1. Chop the cloves of garlic and put them in the bottom of a saucepan together with the olive oil. Begin frying the garlic slowly in the oil, on a low heat.
2. Add cumin, coriander leaf and turmeric. Stir and continue frying slowly, on a low heat, until the garlic turns a golden colour.
3. Add the passata to the saucepan a bit at a time, stirring so that the garlic and spices mix with the passata.
4. Chop the courgette into pieces. Add the courgette pieces to the saucepan and keep stirring.
5. Drain and rinse the chickpeas using a colander. Add the chickpeas to the saucepan and keep stirring.
6. Simmer on a low heat. Keep stirring.
7. Meanwhile, cook the rice in a separate saucepan, using two-and-a-half cups of water per cup of rice. Add turmeric and coriander leaf to the water, to turn the rice yellow and give it a distinctive flavour.
8. Continue cooking until the rice has absorbed all the water.
9. Serve and eat.